Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’

Nike SB made incredibly limited Dunk colorways for the cities that hosted the brand’s 2003 traveling White Dunk Exhibition. With a tan suede base and canvas overlays printed with French painter Bernard Buffet’s artwork, these shoes pay homage to Paris. The ‘Paris’ Dunk stands out from the others not only because of its alleged limited production run of 202 pairs, but also because no two pairs are exactly alike.


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A Sneaker Ode to the City of Lights

The Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’ pays homage to the City of Lights, infusing the iconic Nike Dunk silhouette with elements inspired by Parisian culture and aesthetics. Released as part of the Nike SB Dunk City Pack, this sneaker captures the essence of Paris’s rich history, art, and style, making it a sought-after addition to the collections of sneaker enthusiasts and fans of the French capital.

Elegance in Design: A Parisian Tribute

The ‘Paris’ Dunk Low Pro SB is a visual celebration of the city’s elegance and sophistication. The shoe features a premium combination of materials, including smooth leather and suede, creating a luxurious yet understated appearance. The colorway reflects the timeless style associated with Paris, combining muted tones to evoke a sense of classic refinement.

Iconic Parisian Elements

The design of the ‘Paris’ Dunk Low Pro SB incorporates subtle nods to iconic Parisian symbols. The Nike Swoosh, rendered in a fleur-de-lis pattern, pays homage to the city’s historical emblem. Additional details such as the Eiffel Tower embroidery on the heel and the ’75’ on the tongue, denoting Paris’s postal code, add layers of authenticity and cultural significance to the sneaker.

Cultural Fusion: Dunk Meets Parisian Street Style

The Dunk Low Pro SB silhouette, deeply rooted in skateboard culture, seamlessly merges with the allure of Parisian street style. The result is a sneaker that transcends borders, appealing to skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts. The ‘Paris’ Dunk Low Pro SB embodies the spirit of cultural fusion, showcasing how a sneaker can become a canvas for storytelling and expression.

Limited Edition Prestige

Released in limited quantities, the ‘Paris’ Dunk Low Pro SB became an instant collector’s item. Its scarcity, combined with the thoughtful design elements paying homage to Paris, heightened its desirability. Sneaker enthusiasts worldwide sought to own a piece of Parisian flair, contributing to the ‘Paris’ Dunk Low Pro SB’s status as a revered and iconic release.

In conclusion, the Dunk Low Pro SB  is not just a sneaker. It’s a wearable tribute to the sophistication and cultural richness of the French capital. With its elegant design, iconic elements, and limited-edition prestige. This sneaker stands as a testament to footwear’s power to encapsulate a city’s spirit. And become a cherished piece of cultural and fashion history.


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